Eating Concerns Process Group
Led by Dr. Anna Packard, PhD, CGP, & Licensed Psychologist
Wednesdays 1:15-2:45 pm
  • Focus on dynamic process in which you will better understand yourself, your current concerns, & how you relate to others.
  •  Strengthen your ability to connect with others & increase commitment to lasting change
  • Combination of process focus, psychoeducation, & experiential activities
  •  Topics include: body image disturbances; nutritional concerns; effective coping skills; cognitive distortions; value-based living; balanced exercise; & mindfulness
Dr. Packard is a licensed psychologist with extensive training and experience in developing and leading groups for individuals with eating disorders and body image concerns. Dr. Packard has presented her group expertise and led training workshops at nationally renowned conferences, and has recently earned the distinction of becoming a Certified Group Psychotherapist. 

She is passionate about group psychotherapy and believes in the power of group to facilitate lasting change. She values the experience of individual group members as well as the development of the group as a whole, and will work to create an environment where group members are able to be authentic, vulnerable, give and receive support, and move toward achieving their personal goals.
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